Does Devonthink's built in OCR support Fraktur?

I use Devonthink for organizing my database of 19th century magazines. Recently, I’ve located a cache of German magazines, and of course, they use Fraktur instead of Antiqua. I know that Finereader Pro for Mac refuses to touch Fraktur. Does Devonthink’s built in OCR handle fraktur letterforms?

ABBYY has a module called “FineReader XIX” that was specifically designed for digitizing old documents, books and newspapers published in the XVII-XX centuries. This module supports the recognition of old fonts such as Fraktur, Schwabacher and the majority of Gothic fonts.

Whilst I have not tried any documents that would need this module, reading the documentation I believe that it is a specialist add-on and as such is not included as part of our OCR licence.



Hmm. Per page licensing. Oh joy. I think I have a financial incentive to get Tesseract working on my mac :).

Per page licensing. Oh joy

It may be a different matter for us as a third-party developer, but likely still not trivial… and would need to be passed on to the consumer.

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