Does DT duplicate files?

Just a quick question:

Does DevonThink make duplicate of your original files? When I edited the images in DT, I did not find the original files being affected in any way. This made me wonder if DT makes duplicate of files when you add things to it.


Have you read any of the documentation and/or watched the tutorials? Try the “Building Your Database” section of the built-in Help documentation.

Oh, I was not referring to “replicants” or duplications that one can make in DT. What I meant is that whether DT duplicates a file as soon as you put that file into its inbox – as soon as you import it. Does it mean that you’ll have two files for everything that you import into DT? If so, then DT takes a lot of space because as soon as you try to organize something with it, it takes twice as much space. That was my original question.


When you Import a file into a DT database the file is copied into the database. You now have a copy of the file in the Finder, and another copy in the database

When you Index a file into a DT database, the file is not copied into the database. The database retains a path link to the file in the Finder.

Personally, I Import files, then delete the originals from the Finder. I’ve got more organizational capabilities in DT than are provided by the Finder. And as my database is self-contained, I can easily move it to another computer, or run it on an external drive.