Does DT work with the Scan Snap Evernote Edition?

I have been using DTPO for a while now, but I finally made the switch from Evernote dues to their recent Privacy Policy changes.

I know I can scan documents and save them to a specific location but is there native support for this scanner like there is for the Fujitsu Scan Snap?

I don’t know for sure, but if you can add applications to the ScanSnap Manager software, it is reasonable to assume you can.

I am a new user to DTOP and I’m thrilled to get started. I have a “Fujitsu iX500 Scanner / Evernote Edition” that I have used for the last few years. I really like it.

I’d like to use it with DTOP and produce searchable PDF’s.
Does anyone know:

a) if this is possible and
b) where I can find steps or help to accomplish this?

Thank you,