does dtp 1.2 import mail attachments?

a lot of people are waiting for that, me included.
i have no use for that great mail importing capabilities dtp offers, until i cannot store the attachments with the mail (or seperated but linked).

does 1.2 solve that problem or do we have to wait until dtp 2 comes up?

(i know i simply coult try, but my mailboxes contain a huge amount of mails and i don’t know how to stop that importing when a few mail are in. so i better ask. i searched the new tutorial but couldn’t find »e-mail attachment«, so i’m afraid to know the answer.)

None of the current mail import scripts import attachments. There is a 3rd party solution for Entourage I believe.

However we do have a solution in the works that captures almost all available information from email messages. And you do not have to wait for DT2. Stay tuned to the announcements. :wink:
(Hint: the president’s blog may reveal some information from time to time…)