Does DTTG have the same functionalities as DT3?

Hi there, I just got DT3 and DTTG but I am still reading the manual on how to set things up for my mac and ipad. May I ask does DTTG have the same functionality as DT3? If not, what are the limitations on DTTG?

I am an iPad and DTTG fan, however
Your iPad doesn’t have the same functionality as your Mac
the OS doesn’t have the same functionality as the Mac OS
and DTTG is missing some functionality of DT3

Some limitations in DTTG
. custom metadata and reminder data can not be accessed in DTTG
. no Applescript integration in DTTG

Note there are some limitations in DT3
. a scanner is required to scan documents in DT3; DTTG can use the Files app and iPad camera

simply no scripting support at all, since Apple didn’t integrate OSA in i*OS

Further to @DTLow and @chrillek, DEVONthink ToGo on iOS will be running on a machine which probably is slower with more limited “disk” space. I do not attempt to put everything that exists on macOS devices onto iOS devices, but if there is room on your iOS machines, then why not? DEVONthink ToGo has the concept of “shallow sync” to limit the number of documents that are in fact download, and if downloaded you can “purge” them to remove them from the iOS device without deleting them from the database.

I use the two products differently–iOS version for portable reading and database curation while out and about, and macOS for everything else. Still learning that.

There are terrific manuals and ebooks on both products available at: DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

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Welcome @nutella2312

Many have correctly pointed out some differences and indeed they are correct.

macOS ≠ iOS/iPadOS
DEVONthink ≠ DEVONthink To Go

While DEVONthink To Go shares many core functionalities – and we are adding/improving things all the time – there are certainly differences that a hardware-limited. For example, the AI in DEVONthink cannot be reasonably implemented on a mobile device at this time. Also, the interface of a mobile application is designed for simpler interactions compared to the Mac. This means certain features, e.g., the full suite of inspectors found in DEVONthink aren’t in DEVONthink To Go. That doesn’t mean some form of that kind of information will never come to our mobile app. It just requires much more careful planning and testing before it would. Remember, DEVONthink To Go runs on an iPhone, not just a 12" iPad Pro. :wink:

Hi there,@rmschne thanks for replying. I was thinking of database curation on the go as well. I find it more productive to do it on the move and managing my files etc.

I suppose you have set up the mac as the parent and the syncing to the ipad as a child ? Also i suppose that changes are bidirectional ? ie changes made on child ipad is reflected in the parent mac ?

Hi there @BLUEFROG - can i ask what are the common mistakes do people make when setting up dt3 with dttg? I’m abit paranoid and ocd with files missing during syncs or latest file versions are not updated. Currently i save my files in external hd and in the icloud as well.

Yes. A sync is a sync. Makes both sides the same. What is says on the tin! :wink:

Re your questions to @bluefrog, sync is well covered in the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”. I recommend you read it and understand.

You mention you sort files “in the iCloud”? The database, or indexed files?

If indexed files, be sure to read the “DEVONthink Handbook” about the issues with indexed files, esp. synching them. Indexed files, esp. if on a non-available external drive or on “online” Apple iCloud, can lead to the “missing” files you fear.

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Hi there, thanks for replying so quickly. Oh to clarify when i save a file (not the devonthink database) i save the same file 2 times- one in the cloud and ext hd. Not sure if it’s productive but it puts me at ease.

i save the same file 2 times- one in the cloud and ext hd. Not sure if it’s productive but it puts me at ease

  • Are you indexing files on the external drive?
  • Are you doing this in lieu of a proper backup strategy?
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Hi there, thank you for replying. I am new to mac and I do not know how to index files on an external drive so that it can be searched via spotlight/alfred.

Proper backup strategy? So far it is just time machine backups and putting documents in iCloud (i read it is a syncing service and not a real cloud). Thats pretty much it. Could I trouble you to educate me on what this means? I am by no means an expert in backup discipline.