Does indexing alter files? Obsidian/DT issue

I’ve started using Obsidian alongside DT, with heavy linking back to docs in my DT databases, and indexing the (external) Obsidian folder in DT so I can follow links in both directions.

It’s great, except I am having the following recurring problem. If I have DT and Obsidian open at the same time, and I’m writing a note in Obsidian, occasionally I get a notification that another app has modified the Obsidian file and the text jumps back to what it was a minute or so previously.

To be clear, I’m not viewing the note in DT at the same time.

I can’t think what, other than DT, could be doing this. Any tips on how to fix sincerely appreciated.

PS the Obsidian folder is synced with Tresorit but locally stored, not one of those Dropbox-like hybrid sync/cloud things.

I suggest you disable the Tresority syncing and see if the issue persists.

And the database containing the indexed files is also synchronized to other computers? Might be a sync conflict in that case as another app is already trying to synchronize the files too.

I’m seeing this also. It seems we have a similar setup, even though I’m using iCloud for syncing. For me, this often happens when editing the Day Planner notes (using the Day Planner plugin) in Obsidian.

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