Does removing a license / seat affect data?

Hi. I’ve got a new (additional) Macbook arriving on Monday, but when I went to check the DT3 seats allowance, I found that both my seats are being used even though I only have one device. I suspect this relates to when I had to replace my HD a few years ago (although that would have been back in the days of DTPro?). Neither device name exactly matches what my Macbook thinks it is called, although one is pretty close.

The easiest thing would be to delete both seats and start again from scratch, but I need to be 100% sure my data will be unaffected. Can anyone foresee any problems if I just go ahead and deactivate both seats and then re-activate the one on my old MBPro and set up a new one on my new MBAir? Thanks.

Removing a license/seat doesn’t affect your data but the app will switch to trial mode until it’s registered again.

Excellent. Thank you so much.