Does the Number of Open DT Databases Affect Battery Drain?

Does anyone know if the number of open databases affects battery drain? What I’m wondering is not so much the impact of DT per se on battery drain but the impact of having several databases open at the same time rather than just one. I’m assuming that any impact would be negligible but given the expertise in this forum I thought I’d ask.

As long as the databases are basically idle in the background (e.g. no scheduled smart rules, no reminders, no RSS feeds), the only impact would be caused by automatic/scheduled synchronizing but this would be a minor impact without changes.

However, if your computer should run out of real memory due to the additional databases, then the system’s virtual memory will have a noticeable impact.

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Thanks, that what I needed to know. Based on that, I’ll leave several open as I have no automations or smart rules runnning. Much appreciated.

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