Does the server work with Google Chrome?

All I get when I try to access the server on Google Chrome is the request for user and password, and some quick flashes of the DevonTech logo, then blank.

I can see and access the server on Safari, but my browser of choice these days is Google Chrome.

I just want to know if is just me or whether Google Chrome is not supported.

Thank you!

Chrome is not yet supported but will be eventually.

Is this in active development or “under consideration”?

My switch to Chrome from Firefox has been smooth with plenty of pleasant surprises of functionality and ease.

This is the only hangup for me to quickly start posting notes and websites to DT.

Please offer an approximate time frame fo when there will be Chrome functionality. Weeks, months…years…we “considered” it but never got around to it. :frowning:

In the meantime I will muddle through. :smiley:

I am also looking forward to the capability of accessing DEVONthink Pro Office using Google Chrome. Please put this update to a higher priority. Thanks.