Doesn't work

Several issues:

  1. DTTG does not sync. The company tells me there is an encryption key. To my knowledge there is no encryption key-a password-but no key.
  2. DTTG does not function on either my iPad or iPhone-I have done everything the manuals and forums say to do and it does not work.
  3. I have deleted and reinstalled DTTG so many times on my iPad, it is stuck in permanent Waiting mode and can not install or be deleted.
  4. Have repeatedly asked for direct help to get DTTG to work as marketed or for a refund and have had no response.
  5. Others in the forums are having the same “no sync” issues.
  6. When indexing a document folder on my mac-Devonthink Office Pro crashes. I have been attempting for over a week.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-either get you products to work as promised or give me a refund.

Please PM your Support Ticket number.