Don't close the database if it is still copying

A word of warning and a maybe a suggestion for a future release… I needed to split a database into two (I needed some files in DTTG, but for reasons of data security was not happy having the whole database in DTTG). So I created a new database and in the sidebar dragged and dropped one group after another from the original database to the new one. One of the groups contained several thousand PDFs. Whilst it was moving, I absentmindedly closed the source database (I know… I mean, D’oh!). The result was - of course - that moving ceased immediately. On reopening, the group was no longer to be found in the source database. Whilst it was present in the new database, and also seems to contain all the PDFs, most were marked with a symbol that looks rather like Apple Finder “two face” symbol. Whist the PDFs still displayed, checking the integrity of the database showed up thousands of “file missing” errors. Inspector seemed to show the files were still in the source database, where they weren’t being displayed any longer though. Basically then, the databases were both modified, but the files weren’t successfully moved.

There may be various solutions to the problem; I just went back to an hour ago in time machine and started again, no harm done.

So: when moving from one database to another, just don’t touch the Mac until things have finished (everybody knows to do that, but…). And always, always always back up your databases. Before. Doing. Anything.

And a question for DEVONtech: to protect against idiot operators, do you think a “close database” action by the user could be refused by DT so long as the database is being accessed?

This should already be the case, we’ll check this.