Dont create new outline inside the selected folder


I use more and more DEVONthink for all kind of purposes. And I would like to use it as a simple outliner. But can I change the following behavior: when I create a new outline, it is always created inside the previous selected folder (outline). It is not very convenient when you need to create a list of items.

Thanks for your help,


Just move the new document to the place or folder where you want it, via drag and drop.

If you are devoted to outlining, other products do a better job than DT, which is mainly a research database. I recommend Scrivener, a brainstorming, outlining, and drafting tool for writers of fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays. Several folks here in the DT forum are devoted Scrivener users. At $35.00, it’s a bargain.

Thanks for your advice.

I already use Omni Outliner for outlining, but sometimes I just don’t want to create a new OmniOutliner document just for adding a few items or ideas. DEVONthink is always open and I use it like a GTD repository. Maybe, I will look at an applescript script to do it.

I tried something like this below, but the show state flag doesn’t seem to work:

on run
	tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
		display dialog "New item : " default answer ""
		set myitem to the text returned of the result
		create record with {name:myitem, state:true, type:group} in current group
	end tell
end run