Don't enter sleep mode

Dear all!

I use DT on all devices of course (OS X, Iphone, Ipad) and is a great storage and organizer for me. All my cooking recipes are in DT and have it in full screen when cooking. So my idea is there should be button in full screen mode preventing my device entering sleep mode (not sure about the right term here). It’s not so convenient with messy fingers and then need to unlock the Ipad. I have a little pen to scroll with to prevent the Ipad gets too dirty.

To avoid angry customers calling DT that their iPad is drained for battery - perhaps a simple solution is user first needs to activate this feature in Preferences before it can be used. When activating then user should be presented with a warning.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re glad to be in the kitchen, helping you make dinner too! :smiley: