Don't open item when added via drag+drop

Minor tweak suggestion, but one that would help me a lot, and hopefully others…

When I drag+drop an item into DT from another app, DT always opens the item at once, changing the content of the target window so that instead of showing a Finder-like view of the items in a group, it shows the dropped item. This is awkward when doing a bunch of drag+drop operations, as you have to go back to DT after every drop and rest the window ready for the next item. Would be great to see an option to disable opening a new document when dropped into DT.

What View are you using? What “apps” are you dragging items from?

In all the Views except “As Icons” there is a list of groups and a preview of the currently selected item in the group. If no item is selected then then preview pane says “No Selection”. So, what is it you’re seeing. Drag and drop does not “open” the item – but the item is previewed. Is that what you object to? You can always drag an item on top of a group name and the item will be saved to that group. Or your could open the Groups and Tags panel, which will float above all windows, and drag things from your “apps” into a group, there, instead of into the main DEVONthink window.

(Generally speaking, to “open” an item is to open a new window focused on that item – that’s not what’s happening here, I think.)