Double click for Preview App?

I prefer Preview to the built in viewer. Is there a way have DTPO use Preview as the viewer when you double click a file in DTPO?



I’d like to see this as well. Right now you can use the keyboard shortcut to open externally (command-option-O?)

Yep it would be nice.

Either update the internal viewer to make it better than preview or let us go right to preview.

Doesn’t shift-command-o work for you?

Comment: When I’m seriously digging into a reference, the ability to add related references and notes as tabs to it when open in its own window is extremely useful.

When I have a reference open in its own window and invoke See Also or See Related Text, I can choose an interesting suggestion, Control-click on it and add it as a tab to the document window. I may add several tabs in this way, creating a set of interesting and related references and notes. I can switch among them without losing my scrolling position in each.

To start such a set, whether the starting point is a PDF, WebArchive, RTF or other, I’m used to a consistent means of opening a document in its own window by double-clicking on it.

When I’m working with the information content of a PDF, the DEVONthink environment is much richer than if I were to open it under another application; for most purposes, I want that PDF to open in its own window within my database by a simple double-click. Within DEVONthink, I’ve got a powerful set of tools that let me relate the information content of that PDF to the content of my database in varied and useful ways. I lose that environment if I open the PDF under Preview or Acrobat, where it becomes isolated from those tools.

If I want to do something else, I might instead open the PDF under Preview, Acrobat, PDFPen Pro or Skim — each of which has some feature I might use from time to time. It’s easy to do that with other commands.

But that’s just me. :slight_smile: