Double tags - laborious to remove?

by mistake, some entries were given double tags. It then looks like the picture. If I delete the subordinate tag, then all contributions fall out of the grid.
Example: Here the tag “Bayern” was simply assigned 149 times. 52 entries were tagged “Bayern” twice.
If I delete the subordinate tag, then the 52 entries are without the tag “Bavaria”. So do I have to manually clean up each of the 52 entries and delete the double day?Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-26 um 14.15.00

This should be faster:

  1. Move the subtag “Bayern” one level up via drag & drop
  2. Select both tags and merge them (see Data > Merge Tags)

I tried merging tags

If I click on “Tags” in the sidebar and then choose the two tags of interest in the list view, then the items associated with the second tag are not included in the merged tag. It is more of an “untag” for the second tag than a “merge tag.”

But if I instead click on the two specific tags in the sidebar and then select all of of the desired documents to keep in the list view, then they are all merged into one tag.

Is this how it is supposed to work?

The tags have to be on the same level first before merging, then select them in the main view and use Data > Merge.



Never mind - I must have confused merge tags and merge documents - works fine now

When put the tags to the main level and select them both, there is no option to merge. I use the dt german version, perhaps this is named different.
Over the main dialog I can’t find an option to merge tags.

The option isn’t available when selecting the items in the Navigate sidebar.
@cgrunenberg will have to assess this.