Downgrading from DevonThink to DevonNote after trial ends

I’m thinking of using a DevonThink trial and making a decision as to whether I buy DevonThink or DevonNote (or neither) on the basis of how much I use features. If I get a DevonThink trial and decide I just want DevonNote can I easily downgrade and keep all my (text based) data?

Before removing the DEVONthink application from your computer, launch it and go to the top level of the database. Press Command-A to Select All of the content, then choose File > Export > Files & Folders. Create a new Finder folder to hold the exported material and perform the export.

Next, launch DEVONnote and choose File > Import > Files & Folders. Navigate to the folder that holds the exported DEVONthink material, and open that folder. Press Command-A to Select All of the folder contents and perform the import. That’s it!

Is that going to loose me all my groups and tags though?

File > Export will write all of your tags to the files as OpenMeta tags. DEVONnote will recognize those tags when you import the files. Export will also create groups and subgroups, which will be re-created on import to DEVONnote.

It’s easy to verify this. Do what Christian suggested – export then import – before you delete DEVONthink. Even after you delete DEVONthink you should save your databases (.dtBase2 packages) so that in the very worst case you can always get a new trial of DEVONthink and recover data.