"Downgrading" my Mac Capabilities. Any warnings?

Hi all - MacBook Pro is in the shop. Apple wants $320 tro $620 to fix it. I’ve not in the mood. Would rather buy a used G4 or G5 iMac desktop or maybe a new Mac Mini.

Any DTPO warnings or things to watch out for if I go to a PowerPC iMac? Whatever I get I will get as much RAM as I can.

Thanks - Ryan

Also - Any thoughts on syncing DTPO amongst several computers?

Sorry about the problems with the MacBook Pro.

For a used Mac, be sure to check the maximum RAM that can be installed, as RAM can be the most significant bottleneck in performance if there’s not enough, especially as your database(s) grow.

Keep in mind that only Intel Macs can run Snow Leopard. That means that PPC Macs will be increasingly ‘left behind’ in Apple’s future OS X development. However, some PPC Macs can hold plenty of RAM and run well under Leopard — and there are probably some good prices on them.

We strongly recommend against trying to use MobileMe to synchronize a database on more than one computer. However, Christian and Annard have noted on the forum that a plugin is in development.

Some users report success using DropBox to synch a database on more than one computer. There are three primary cautions: 1) ALWAYS CLOSE a database used on one computer, before attempting to access it on a second computer; 2) ALWAYS REMEMBER that synch in this way results in data transfer speeds that are MUCH slower than read/write operations on your hard drive, so allow time for the synch to complete, especially if you’ve just added lots of content; 3) BACKUP using a good backup strategy, such as using File > Export > Database Archive or Scripts > Export > Database Archive to JungleDisk or to iDisk — just in case something goes wrong.