Download error

I receive this error each time i attempt to upgrade from DTPro 2.2.3 to the latest version via the software update.

i run Mountain Lion

“An error occurred while installing the update. Please try again later.”

i have tried multiple times over an extended period of time

Any suggestions??

Download a new installer from and replace the current copy.

*Edited for correct “ugly” URL.

Do you mean the entire program. Sorry suggestion is not intuitively obvious from the link you provided

Yes. An new ZIP file.

have downloaded ver2.4.3.
This will not open the incumbent database file. The only way to open the database file is from the finder window. It then reverts to ver 2.3.3, even when i point it to the most recent version. I am reluctant to delete ver 2.3.3 as the new version may not open database file which is big trouble.

Please assist

Should it be this difficult to update the file???

You really want only one version of DEVONthink installed on a machine. To have multiple editions and/or versions can cause multiple conflicts with extensions, Services, etc. such as what you are encountering. At a minimum, try compressing the old version, delete the uncompressed, reboot, and try with 2.4.3.

You are a whizz!!


Thanks very much