Download is extremely slow and eventually fails


I wanted to download the latest version of DEVONthink (this Mac doesn’t see a lot of use so the old beta build expired). I’m downloading from the download link on the website and my download is now crawling along at 7KB/sec. Yesterday the download failed after some time so I presumed it was maybe a connection issue. Unfortunately today it’s not working either. There are no known issues on my network and doing a speed test shows I have around 210Mbps download. I’m not having any other issues accessing Amazon services so I’m rather confused.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Our download is coming directly from Amazon S3. I’ve just tried it from here (Stuttgart, Germany) and got a reasonable download speed. Maybe a temporary hiccup or some intermediate systems interfering? Does anyone else here experience slow download or update speeds?

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Thanks for checking! I’m now up to 9KB/s. If there is an issue it’s been ongoing since at least yesterday morning, rather confusing :thinking:

Have you experienced this before with earlier updates? We haven’t changed anything in our (or better: Amazon’s) infrastructure.

In the earlier days we had a case where downloads from our own web server were slow in some regions after a large ISP made changed to their network infrastructure. So a routing problem.

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No, I haven’t experienced this before. Someone just suggested it might be a local Amazon S3 mirror causing the problem. I have tried VPNing into work (not that far away) and the issue is the same there.

It’s running like a rocket ship here. Downloaded 98MB in less than 10 seconds.

Try a different browser. Restart Mac and retry.

Sometimes just quitting the browser, rebooting, and trying again helps. Make sure your network didn’t accidentally switch to a slower one (happened to me once).

Maybe there’s also something going on between the Americas and Europe? I downloaded three apps from the App Store yesterday and today and it took, literally, ages.

Perhaps. I’m seeing good transfer rates across the board.