Download Manager crashes


I bought Dev Office, since I do need a tool for Web Research etc. But I permanently struggle with Download Manager, it starts downloading then DT crashes after some seconds, this happened for any website I tried.
Any help would be very appreciated!

A second issue: Seems I cannot store Excel Files in DT. True?

Thanks for your kind help

  1. Unless you need to capture an entire site, it’s easy to capture the selected text and images of a page as a rich text note. In Safari, after making the selection press Command-) to use the Service for rich text capture.

Two bookmarklets were included in the download disk image Extras folder. These can be dragged into Safari’s Bookmarks tool bar. One of them allows capture of the viewed Web page as a WebArchive, complete with images.

With a browser frontmost, look in the global Scripts menu. For common browsers you will find scripts to allow an HTML or WebArchive capture of the viewed page.

  1. To import unknown file types such as Excel, set Preferences > Import - Files with a check of the option to import unknown file types.

I’ve had the same problem with DTP’s download manager crashing. Plus, it often gets unusable even when it does work, even when you’re just importing stuff into the filesystem and not into the database.

You might try (as a workaround) a version of wget compiled for OS X and the following syntax:

wget -mkp

This will create a perfect mirror of the site. Not only that, but it will fix every link in the HTML files downloaded to point to your local resources – which is nice.

I also would like to see the site download feature work. I appreciate the suggested alternatives in this thread and others, but am interested whether the developers plan to fix the problem with DTP - yes, or no?

Same here. It builds a list of the things to get, and crashes when I press start.