Download Manager drives me nuts


I still don’t get it, how the download manager works.

I’ve tried to download this webpage

So I dragged the URL into to the download manager and checked the option Subdirectory (Complete) in options.
I start DM and it is obviously working.
At the end there are 8 items - 343 done.
But there is only one item in the defined databasefolder: itself. Nothing else.

Can someone please tell me, what is going wrong?

Best, Matze

I just now successfully downloaded that site you linked to – entirely into a target (test) database, using these settings – all of which are out-of-the-box standard settings:

I have another question: when I try to download a single file DevonT creates a folder (on my hard drive) with a file (Devon etc:) and the file I asked to download. Sometimes it creates folder inside folder inside folder, etc: very annoying!
Is it possible to just download the file I asked for and nothing else?

I wouldn’t use Download Manager to capture a single Web page.

There are multiple ways to capture all or part of a Web page. Select a page area and drag the clipping to the DEVONthink Dock icon, to the Sorter, to the Inbox location in the Finder, etc. When using Safari, I make most of my captures from the Web as rich text, using the keyboard shortcut Command-) to capture the selected area of the page.

Or use Clip to DEVONthink, or print as PDF.

Bill, I did exactly what you did. Why do you have got downloads and I don’t?

I’ve tried it once again and this time I have chosen another database and did not check only “pure text” (Reiner Text) but all options.

No I have got a download folder with all the pages I was looking for, hallelujah :wink:

Bill thank you for your answer. I was referring to the download of a file (a software for instance from MacUpdate, or a picture, or mp3, whatever, not a piece of text or a web page. For this Devon is great (there are plenty of ways…), but if you try to download a file you get a folder etc.


Good deal. I can’t think of many websites that would have only plain text pages, except perhaps sites that have code files (.rb, .h, and so on) for download.

Emilio, have your read/tried this one: … ing-hazel/

Best, Matze

I misunderstood “pure text”. I thought it means “only text without any formatting or images.”