Download Manager: Exclude certain subfolders

I am currently archiving a lot of webpages. For the most part, I would like to import the whole site with subfolders, but with some specific exclusions.
Assuming I am interested in the Domain “” , but not in the user forum on “”. So my request is to have the possibility to exclude items from archiving by using some sort of pattern matching mechanism (maybe even regular expressions).

To refine downloads with the exclusions you mention would require several passes with the Download Manager, I believe. One alternative (there are others) is SiteSucker, with which one can define multiple concurrent exclusion rules with regular expressions. Here is SiteSucker’s settings panel for exclusions:

Personally, I use SiteSucker rather than DT because of the flexibility it offers.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will check that application out.

Nevertheless I would prefer to have this kind of functionality build right into DEVONthink…