Download only when connected to WiFi

For those of us with limited cellular data, it would be nice to have a setting which prevented the app of downloading file content unless connected to WiFi.

There’s currently a setting for each Location for [Always] [On demand], but maybe there could be a third option [Always when on WiFi]?


I second this request. While I appreciate the automatic sync ensuring I have my documents with me whenever I need them, the inclusion of Sync only on Wifi and possibly even geofencing would be awesome!

What is WiFi with geofencing? You mean “sync with the Starbucks network if I am in London but not if I’m in Singapore”?

Why not just change the sync setting from Automatic to Manual and sync when you are in the city of your choice and connected to the WiFi network of your choice? Sync only happens when DTTG2 is open, so you have to be inside the app anyway before syncing.

Why don’t you use the switch in the settings?
There you can forbid every single App to use cellular data.
Preferences App -> DEVONthink-> cellular data

@Wakko: Exactly. :smiley:

@Wakko: Fair point, I often tend to overlook that indeed.

@korm: Some apps rely on geofencing to force a sync/refresh. But, given that automatic sync for DTTG works so damn well, limiting it’s use to wifi only would surely suffice. At least for me it will, so subtract a point for a pointless suggestion from me :smiley:

…true, except I’m OK with using cellular data to sync meta data (small), just not file contents (huge).

I’d like a setting to “Always Download” files while connected to WiFi, but “On Demand” download files while connected to cellular. Best of both worlds.

FWIW - I would welcome this feature as well.