download statements with "import site"

i’d love to automate the downloading of bank (or other types of) online statements. typically they are displayed as links on a “statements” page on a secure site. is this possible? i tried manually going to a website logging in and getting the web address of the “statements” page and then using the “import site” (pasting that address and including the username/password), but that didn’t work. i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong, or if i’m asking for a feature that doesn’t exist.


Comment: On my bank’s secure site, if I wish to capture a page that displays a transaction or report, I can only capture the page by selecting it and capturing as rich text, or by printing it as PDF to the database. An attempt to capture as HTML or WebArchive will fail.

most of my statement pages have links to pdf files…

Are they direct links? I’m familiar with the indirect ones that often open a PDF (or other type of “statement” document) on some other site. In other words, the URL you can see in Safari’s status bar whenever hovering over the link is different than the URL of the final document.