Download URL from Chrome


I frequently skim small PDFs right in the chrome browser (and other browsers). At this time, the URL in the address bar points directly at a PDF file. Then, sometimes, I decide to import them into DEVONthink. What is the best way to do this?

If I attempt to use the bookmarklets or plugin with the “PDF” setting, they seem to run the PDF through some sort of printing process to get the PDF into DEVONthink, rather than just directly downloading the file from the URL. If I use them with the “HTML” setting, I get the PDF file in the database, but it’s “kind” is listed as “HTML” and it is displayed through what seems to be an acrobat plugin.

Any suggestions on best practice in this scenario?

Use Save As and save the PDF to the Inbox location in the Finder. The PDF will be sent to your Global Inbox.

Thanks Bill.

Thats what I’m doing now- but I’d love to be able to save it to a specific location and tag it on import as I can using the chrome plugin.