Downloading and syncing a database


I am using DTPO and DT To Go for 3 years and usually it works very well.

I had to delete the DTTG from my iPhone and wanted to reinstall it. I have one database of around 40Gb so it is quite big, and I chose iCloud and on demand file download. I put my iPhone as never sleep for the sync and started the process. Downloading the files took time (although if they are available on demand then what is being actually downloaded) but after it was done the system started “Synchronising items with iCloud”.

AT this point basically nothing happens (or very small incremental steps which I cannot see. But what is sure that the circle sign indicating progress moves basically nothing and I just wait and wait and wait for the process to finish so that i can use my database.

I have started this procedure 10-15 times, deleting DTTG and reinstalling, downloading but never managed to get to the end over weekends where my phone was constantly switched on and was awake.

When I tap on the ? sign on the main page, it says
3,65 Gb, 29288 items
Launched 58 minutes ago
Last synced: 08:26

I do not know

  • how to get at least the initial sync
  • why anything is synced after downloading (you should check what you need to download then after downloading what else remains?)
  • and why this syncing takes ages?

I also do not run DTPO so that it cannot interfere with my syncing

Laszlo Kiss

Select Help > Contact Us in DTTG to start a support ticket. Thanks!


i did not write down the support ticket so I cannot chase it now. Can you email it to me at



PM sent.