Downloading Big File Result In DEVONthink 3 Server Stuck

I meet something wierd, when I download a 6.5 GB file from web interface, the DEVONthink 3 stucked.
Please try to solve this problem, this is a bug I guess.
As I am testing DEVONthink 3, I really love it, especially the Server function.

Welcome @daopro

What kind of file do you have that’s this large?

A .iSO image

It’s definitely an edge-case.
Are you connecting to the web interface on your local network?

Yes, it is. I am testing this big file for uploading more such kind of big files. And I am testing on my local host.(

May I ask for what purpose you’re adding .iso files to a database? Just curious.

Especially as DEVONthink is basically an info/document manager, not a file server.

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OK, I just would like to use it as a one-stop solution for managing all data.

Just a test, take it easy, If possible, just better. And If This is not on the roadmap, I would like to choose a file server solution for those big files, instead.

Some book is packaged in .iso image, I need to managed it. Like some videos also need to be managed And just now I have played a video on the web interface,then it stuck my computer. (3.86G).

I think users must be notified when they try to do such things, which may get their browser, DEVONthink and even computer stuck. And they need to be notified what they can’t do on DEVONthink server, if DEVONthink would not support in the future.while they can do those things on DEVONthink desktop.

Sorry, I could go along with your opinion most of the way, but not entirely.
I think that if I can have these files on my DEVONthink desktop version when I upgrade to the server version, I can reach those files on the DEVONthink server version, too. Or you should keep me away from doing that when I am using the desktop version, or block me when I try to do such thing on server. Some research videos and some materials need to be put together with the documents. So, I insist on it is a bug need to be fixed, especially when I upgrade to the paid server version. May the server more powerfull.

Your thoughts and opinions have been noted.

Wow, I would not put huge iso images into any kind of document server, just cause of grief. Just download them the normal way.

Thanks. btw, dt3 is really a awesome upgrade.

Aha, I don’t think that is too big, cause I know I’d better not manage 4k videos takes 90g with a document server while it is Attractive, isn’t it? As I am a cocoa developer, too.“You never know how users use your product.” is not only a

I’m an ex-Cocoa developer as well (12 years) and I would not put iso files as part of document management. Neither check them blindly into git. :-). Make a reference document of the iso files instead.

Awesome, nice to meet you with respect. I am also an ex-Cocoa developer now (just only tiny 3 years), still a newbie. ;-), and start living with networks and data servers. And I am just testing the edges with this server new feature to see what can I do with it. As for the file server, I am using Synology and prepare to establish another more reliable cloud server. I am on the way of looking for data management solutions.

Remember that DEVONthink isn’t a Finder replacement or intended as a file server (except in a indirect fashion)_. It’s for document and information management and should contain curated data. We blogged about this some time ago:

Got it. And for document, is the feature that resume from the position of last reading on web interface is on the plan?