Downloading error ("improperly signed")

I’m trying to update from beta 8 to DTP 2.0. I have a license already for 2.0 (if that makes any difference). I’ve tried 3 times, and each time I get the same error: “The update is improperly signed.”
What does this mean?
I’m attempting this download from Kenya, using a slow internet connection, but I don’t imagine this is the problem.
Any ideas?


Hi Declan,

I experienced the same problem. Retrying as a user with administrative permissions was successful.

Best regards,


But I’m the only user on this machine. How might I go about doing what you suggest?



Another possibility is to download the disk image from our downloads page. I guess our server was “little bit” busy yesterday.

Thanks, that worked. I still don’t know what the error meant (perhaps an incomplete or interrupted download).

I for one welcome the removal of the yellow lines!