Downloading files via. DA.

Please forgive me if this is already possible, but it appears that in order to download a linked file in the DA web page view, I first need to launch the page in my normal web browser.

In the case of a downloadable pdf file, it may also be useful to have an option to automatically add this file to DEVONthink at the time of download.

What I am now thinking is that I would like the full web page view in DA to be my web browser (as far as possible), so that the need to launch the page in Safari is kept to a minimum.


Beta 2 will provide a "New Browser" command and double-clicking on log entries or crawler locations will open the internal browser (and not your default browser anymore). And of course more things will come in future releases :slight_smile:

This only gets better 8) :wink: :slight_smile:

Simply amazing,

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Services for DA would be useful.  ;D

Services? More than one? Any examples maybe? The only service I can think of at the moment is something like "Lookup"  ;)

Yes, that is one, but another I was thinking of was “open URL in DA browser.” Perhaps unnecessary, but DA offers a convenient archiving alternative to having my html files scattered all over the place… And once they’re archived in DA I can decide later if I want to bring them into DT (complete with copied URL).

I like alkan’s suggestion. To make that procedure even better, there should be an option to choose the archive folder in which the Web page should be stored. :smiley: