Downloading Results in "Damaged File"

While trouble shooting another problem I attempted to re-install DevonthinkPro.
However, a couple of attempts result in error messages saying the file is damaged and can’t be opened.

More Detail.

I downloaded DevonthinkPro using the download button on the applications page.
The download is then moved by Hazel to another folder where application downloads are stored.
Clicked on the download and as expected the image is loaded and the window appears to drag the application into the applications folder.
Dragged the file to the applications folder (I’ve done this using the window presented by the installer and by manually dragging the icon onto the applications folder in the Finder.) At a point about 1/3 of the way through the process I get a dialog saying the file is damaged and offering to reveal in the Finder. I clicked the “Reveal…” button and the cancel button but regardless of which button the transfer process continues and at 2/3 of the way through the process the “damaged file” dialog is repeated. When the whole process is complete I attempt to open the installed file and, not unexpectedly, get an error message saying the file is damaged.

Since I repeated the download process a couple of times, as opposed to trying to reload the first download, I’m a little puzzled as to the source of the problem.

Any suggestions on what might be causing the problem.


I’m not sure how this would be an issue for us.

  1. Disable the Hazel rule.
  2. Double-click the ZIP.
  3. Double-click the DMG.
  4. Drag and drop into the /Applications directory.
  5. Double-click the installed app.

Does it work as expected?


After posting I thought of disabling Hazel so I downloaded again but it made no difference.
However, after you replied I deleted the last download and repeated the process.
This time it installed correctly.
Not sure what caused the problem but obviously something at my end.

Thanks - as always your help is very much appreciated.

You’re welcome.
Glad you got it installed :slight_smile: