downloading web archives and widget problem


I’ve been using DEVONthink Pro for about a month and have not experienced any problems until yesterday. I tried to add a web archive to my database via the Scripts menu (something I’ve been doing successfully until now) and Safari displayed a “Download Failed” message. I can save the article to my desktop and then move it into DTP, but I’d prefer to have it go directly into DTP. This doesn’t happen all the time, only occasionally. I’m running the 1.3beta2 version on a MacBook with OS 10.4.8.

I also recently tried to use the note widget for the first time. It’s unresponsive and doesn’t accept the cursor so I can’t enter any text into it. I did replace it but that didn’t help.

Any advice? I’ve enjoyed this forum very much and it has helped my understanding of the DEVON products.


The script may fail on sites with security measures, such as an online banking site, or where a login may be required. On a secure site one can capture the page being viewed as PDF, by invoking Command-P. When the Print panel appears, click on the ‘PDF’ button and select ‘Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt’, then choose the group into which the PDF will be located.

In any case, why don’t you install the Bookmarklets that were included on the download disk image, inside the Extras folder? You can place a button on Safari’s bookmarks toolbar that, with a single click, will send a WebArchive of the viewed page to your database (if permitted by the Web site).

Confession: I don’t care much for Widgets and haven’t installed them. But the note-taking Widget does work, as I’ve seen recently confirmed on the forum.


Thanks very much for your reply. The bookmarklet did work on the site I wanted to archive. Thank you!