Downscaling of images in rtfd files

Hi everyone - I’ve seen this topic come up a few times on the forums, but I thought I would check in to see if there are any more recent workarounds.

The issue is RTFD files that contain images (more properly, screenshots). In DTPO, the screenshots are scaled reasonably well so they are fully visible. When synced to DTTG, however, those screenshots (again, embedded within an RTFD file) are scaled up, which means much of screenshot itself is not visible.

Has anyone come across a solution to this? I suspect it is an inherent limitation of RTFD.

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It’s actually a limitation of iOS as RTF(D) files are not mobile-native nor friendly.

Ah, OK - thanks Jim.

The only workaround I’ve been able to come up with is using Preview to reduce the size of a screenshot before pasting into a document.

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Handy tip for you… Double-click the image in the RTFD file and it should open with the system default app for the fileType.

Happy Holiays to you and yours as well! :smiley: