Drafts is latest integration with OpenAI.. Is DT3 next?

Welcome @gpauley
We are not corporately known for jumping on every passing bandwagon. That being said, we also don’t deny there can be utility in these things so we are thoughtfully investigating it.


Just to chime back in to this conversation that’s been playing out in various places, I think the current models for using a LLM on a document set are (a) finetune your own model and (b) vector search and collage together something you can cram into context. I personally don’t think either is ready for prime time. Seems like some people are getting good results from search, and I have tried it, but it’s not for me. Yet.

I don’t think Drafts or Notion are good comparisons, that sort of text generation in a personal notes wiki is something you can do in Dt and easy enough to integrate, but I think most Dt users are imagining something more than that.


Bigger context is coming and self-host models are getting better every day, but it’s not clear how far we’re going to be able to go with consumer grade CPU


Honestly, I wouldn’t push the staff of DT.
AI is here to stay, it’s big innovation and it’s going to revolutionize the World and our lives…but I don’t need it to be implemented into DT, not yet.

I think having such features local inside DT would make it very cumbersome with low end machines.
The other option is to offload our machines and leave the work to the servers of DT, but it would lead to a membership business model.

Furthermore, I can do everything I need with third party Apps, some of them are free and I connect them to the API of OpenAI (but most of them work also with other LLMs)…and it’s very easy to have DT and these Apps side by side.

That said, I really hope to see some AI such as Co-Pilot inside DT, but I can wait… :wink:

It’s IMHO Apple’s job to extend Siri & accessibility by integrating this system-wide, maybe even by providing new scripting possibilities or assistants/co-pilots. This would ensure a seamless, consistent & powerful experience for the user across all applications.

But I have of course no idea whether and when we can expect this to happen.


Agreed. I hope it will happen soon, as I Google and Microsoft are running very fast