Drag and Drop a markdown file into a markdown text window

If I drag and drop a markdown file into the text field (edit window) of another markdown file within DTP, nothing happens. The normal behavior should be, that an item link should be inserted in the markdown document. In my case nothing happens, no item link is inserted. It works when drag and drop an image into the markdown docment, but not with another markdown file. I have contacted the devonthink support and @BLUEFROG was very helpful, but the support could not reproduce my problem. Is anyone out there observing the same behavior? Or has anyone or even @cgrunenberg an idea what might causing this? Otherwise I will wait for the next update, maybe it’s fixed then. Thanks in advance!

Works as expected over here. A screen recording might be useful, just like the versions of DEVONthink and macOS. Finally, did you try rebooting or booting in safe mode?

Dear Christian

Thank you for your reply.

Neither drag and drop of a markdown file
nor CMD+C und CMD+V works when trying to insert the link of a markdown file into another markdown document. No problem if I do the same for example with a jpg file into a markdown document.
Rebooting did not help.

(Interestingly, drag and drop with pressing CTRL to insert transclusion DOES work! Drag and drop with ⌘ + ⌥ to include an item link DOES also work. Therefore, only simple drag and drop or copy and paste into a markdown document do NOT work.)

MacOs Sonoma 14.3
Devonthink Pro Edition 3.9.4

I have attached a zipped screencast video file
Drag and drop.m4v.zip (1.5 MB)

Thank you,