Drag and drop bookmarking

I am really starting to like using DTP for web browsing. However it would help if I could drag the current link directly to the folder from the address bar. Instead, I have to click the address bar to send it to Safari, then drag the link from Safari to the right folder.

Select Edit > Copy URL, then Data > New > From Clipboard to create a bookmark in your database. There are keyboard shortcuts for both steps.

You can also use the contextual menu of Web views - just right or control click on the page and choose “Capture page address”.

I initially used the ctrl-click method to add the page, but it places the new page in the main group rather than a sub group. A drag and drop approach gives the user more control over where the new page goes (and is quicker). Thanks for the reply though.

I still find the method I described to be very convenient and also precise in allowing placement of the new bookmark.

Here’s how:

[1] Copy the URL to the Clipboard – (Edit menu or contextual menu).

[2] Switch to another view window – perhaps top level – and select an item in the group or subgroup into which you wish to place the new bookmark. (I always have multiple views available, so choice of the view for establishing location is quick.)

[3] Select Data > New > From Clipboard (keyboard shortcut is available). The bookmark is saved at the desired location.

Or, if you want to drag and drop anyway, here’s one that lets you drag the URL to a desired location:

[1] Click in the DT Pro browser address to open the URL in your default browser.

[2] Switch to the default browser and drag the URL to the desired location in the floating Groups panel.

Either way, I can precisely add a new bookmark to the desired location in the database in under 5 seconds.

Thanks Bill. I hadn’t considered the copy paste method. You have to admit though, a drag and drop method would be much easier. And since DTP seems to load pages faster than Safari (why would that be?) I’m torn between using one to browse and another to bookmark. I’m working an AS to place a reference in my Deliscious book marks for now. Thanks again.

Some people find drag and drop a “natural” procedure and can do it quickly and easily. Others find drag and drop a clumsy procedure and prefer keyboard shortcuts.

I try not to get involved in the arguments between these two groups. :slight_smile:

My collection of bookmarks is larger in DT Pro than in Safari or DEVONagent and is organized by types of resources (scientific journals, governmental agencies, etc.). Most of my browsing for new information, e.g., updated journals is done in DT Pro. I really like the contextual menu options for grabbing content.

DEVONagent is my default browser. I use the tabs feature to keep several URLs loaded, such as this forum site. Again, the contextual menu options for grabbing content to DT Pro are great. I also use DA searches and often design scheduled searches to monitor new material about a topic on a daily or weekly basis.