Drag and drop from mailsmith

Can I please get a quick how-to on dragging and dropping mailsmith e-mails into DT

when I try, they just kind of disappear and do not appear as items

small thing I’m missing I’m sure



You have to drag the text of a message but you can’t drag for example multiple messages at once (but that’s not a limitation of DT).

thanks for the reply

my aim is to integrate the 100’s of e-mails I receive daily into my DT. I am actually now using Thunderbird, but I’m not hugely fussy about the mail client. I did see a post about archiving mail.app mail in DT. How would that be done?

The default is saving each message and dragging them into DT from the desktop

thanks again


DEVONthink’s disk image includes two scripts:

  1. “Mail Import” imports all mails & mailboxes
  2. “Import Selected Mail” imports only the selected mails

Due to limitations of Mail’s script support, both are currently only able to store the mails as plain text (without attachments).

oh, goody! thanks Christian!

Is there a way to not have the headers of the messages go into DT?

Just remove for example the line…

write theHeaders to theFileRef as string

…from the script “Import Selected Mail” (use Apple’s Script Editor).