Drag and drop not working

When I try to drag and drop some items from the global inbox to a specific database, the operation fails. If I right-click the item and try to move it that way, it also fails. But there’s no error message to explain why. This is only happening with some items.

Any suggestions?

Actually, there likely is… Check Window > Log. It will likely say there’s a duplicate UUID.

Thanks Jim, yes that’s exactly what’s happening. It would be helpful if an error dialog box appeared when the action fails. How does this come about?

Is it an email being reported as having a duplicate UUID?
If so, emails have a specific UUID, so you can’t move an email into a database already containing that email.

No, it’s all PDF’s and all scanned directly into DT from a Fujitsu Scansnap.

I’ve now found the existing copies in their databases and deleted them from the global Inbox. I had wondered about duplication, but since the documents weren’t highlighted in blue/bold, I assumed that wasn’t the issue.