drag-and-drop replicating of multiple files


I used to be able to do a “drag-and-drop replicate” of multiple DT files by (1) highlighting them all, (2) holding down Command-Option, (3) clicking on the highlighted files, and (4) dragging the highlighted files to the DT folder where I wanted replicants.

But now every time I do (1), (2), and (3), the result is that DT deselects all of the files except the one that I am clicking on. And yes, I am holding down Command-Option while clicking in step (3) and (4).

This turns out to be a pretty huge hassle. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


… Has anything changed on your system? Updated the OS? Added programs? Were you able to do this with the previous version of DEVONthink and it stopped working after updating it?

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think anything significant has changed on the system. In particular, I am still running Lion.

The only relevant change I can think of is that I’ve installed the latest DT updates. I can’t pin down any more specifically just how many DT updates I’ve installed since I’ve last done serious note-taking and filing work in DT (which is to say, the last time I needed to do this kind of multiple drag-and-drop replications). Maybe 2?

Hmm… I cannot reproduce this at all

  1. Highlight files.
  2. Hold Command-Option.
  3. Click and drag. Selection is maintained and the cursor displays the curved arrow for Replicant creation.
  4. Drop and replicants are created as expected.

On a long shot, you don’t have any mouse related utilities running, do you? Something that may affect clicks?

Thanks for the followup - very sorry not to respond sooner, but I finished my data entry phase and haven’t thought about this problem for a little while so wasn’t reminded to check the board.

This works fine on my home computer (also Mac setup), but I haven’t checked again at my office, which is where I was having the problem. I’ll check it out next time I’m in the office and get back. Thanks again for the repsonse.

p.s. Re mouse utilities, I’m not aware of any installed either at work or at home . . . which doesn’t mean I haven’t somehow managed to install one by mistake! (or by the IT guys, which amounts to the same thing…)

Okay, I’m now at the office and can report: I’m able to do multiple drag-and-drop replication at home, but not at the office. I’m running desktop Macs at both places, same OS at both places, and no apparent mouse utilities at either place.