Drag & drop mail from mail 8.0 (Yosemite) to DTP

Since I upgraded to Yosemite with mail 8.0 I discovered some weird behaviour:

  • messages can only be dragged from the INBOX into a group in DTPO
  • messages from other mailboxes like Sent etc. can not be dragged/dropped into a group in DTPO
  • attachements in messages dragged from the INBOX into DTPO are empty
  • messages imported via Message>Add to DTPO works fine but is no substitute for drag/drop because im filing a lot of e-mail directly into DTPO groups
    Under Mavericks everything worked without a flaw.

Both drag & drop of emails and attachment handling of Apple Mail are unfortunately still very buggy on Yosemite but we’ll check if it’s possible to work around these bugs.