Drag&Drop pdf attachment to Lotus Notes 8.5

please help me!

I have to use this piece of Software called Lotus Notes 8.5.
So I have the following problem:
Open a new mail in Lotus notes, drag&drop a pdf file from DTPO into the new mail, it only copies the text out of the pdf, but not the pdf itself.
Trying the same with Apple Mail it works just fine.

The only workaround I found is to put the pdf onto the desktop an then drag it into the new mail in Notes. This works, but not directly.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

DEVONthink provides the dragged data in as many formats as possible but it’s up to the receiver to use the desired/richest format. Unfortunately Lotus Notes seems to attach the text instead of using the provided files.

Is it possible to drag & drop the files to Lotus Notes’ Dock icon? E.g. Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage create new messages and automatically attach the dropped file in this case.

no reaction at all, when dragging onto the program icon in the dock…
But thanks!