Drag&Drop Title of an Item

A feature I really like in DT is the linking of documents through their title (“Wiki-style”). One problem I frequently face, however, is, that the names of my items in DT are rather long and I don’t remember them well. So just typing them in isn’t really easy.

A great help wouild be to just drag&drop them. Now that results in inserting the whole content which is great, too. But I’d love to have an option the drag&drop the title, too (maybe dragging with ALT or another key combination?). Or is that already possible?

Here’s the procedure I use to grab a document’s name:

Select document. Press Shift-Cmd-I (open Info panel), press Cmd-C (copy name to clipboard – it’s already highlighted), press Cmd-W (close Info panel), then Cmd-V to paste the name into my open document.

Of course, I could just click on the name, e.g. in the left column of Vertical Split view and copy it there. But if I’m doing a list of multiple documents, I make fewer mistakes with the first procedure, with the result that the first procedure is quicker even though it takes two more key presses.