Dragging a URL from NetNewsWire doesn't work?

I just upgraded to DTPro 1.1, and I was hoping this problem would be fixed, but sadly it wasn’t, so I’ll ask it here.

When I’m using NetNewsWire, I want to drag URLs from pages I’m viewing to DTPro to archive them. Often this URL isn’t to the original RSS feed URL, but to the page it links to (so, for example, not the Digg posting, but the article Digg is linking to). Although I can drag a URL from the address bar of Safari to the DTPro Dock Icon, I can’t seem to do this from the browser built into NetNewsWire. I can drag the URL from NNW to the desktop and it creates a .webloc file as it should, but when I drag it to DTPro – nothing. Why is that? Thanks.


This should actually work but it doesn’t. Strange. But the next minor maintenance release (1.1.1) will support this. In the meantime, just drag the links to a main window of DT Pro.

This still doesn’t work… even in 1.2.1.

Any idea when it’s going to be fixed, it was one of my primary reasons for buying DT.

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That’s working fine over here. What exaclty did you drag and where did you drop it?