Dragging emails to DTP

Unless I am doing something wrong, I just made the horrible realization that when I drag an email from Entourage to the DTP Sorter, it does a great job capturing the data and creating a lovely .eml file in Devonthink, but that data is never indexed.

That is, it cannot be searched against.
Can someone confirm this is the case?

I assume the solution is to cut and paste them to RTF documents, or print them to Devonthink as PDFs each time. Anyone got any handy alternatives, or clever AppleScript solution etc to get me out of this jam?

Thanks for the input folks,

Are you running Pro or Pro Office? Content searching of emails is a feature of DEVONthink Pro Office.

Just DTPro.
Had to spring for this license myself, the doubling cost of Office wasn’t feasible.