Dragging Entourage Emails into DT

Hi Folks
I am a relatively new user of DT Pro Office.

When I drag emails from my inbox in entourage into a group in DT I cannot get the From OR To fields to fill in properly. A “Mail from ?” gets filled into the “Name” field and nothing gets filled into the “From” field. However if I drag the email from my sent folder the “from” field gets filled in properly. Is there a fix or workaround for this.


Did you drag one or multiple emails from your inbox? Does it work after dragging them to the desktop and then to DEVONthink? Or via File > Import > E-Mail…?


  • that works but is cumbersome. I get 100s of email a day and I probably want 10-20 of them brought into DT but its critical that the fields are populated accurately.


Could you send at least one example (dragged to the desktop & zipped) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!