Dragging Files Out of Devonthink Pro (Desktop)

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here but in DevonThink I often have a need to drag files out of the program for the purpose of putting them in a Dropbox folder that then syncs to another computer. When I drag the files, I end up taking them out of the Devonthink DB which is not my intent. I simply want to copy or duplicate them.

My workaround has been to select the files, click on show in Find, click on copy and then paste them into the Dropbox folder. However, I imagine there is a better way. Any ideas?

When you drag a file out of DEVONthink, the “copy” icon should appear while dragging – a green badge with a white plus sign in it. Like this

When you drag an item from DEVONthink to Finder, what are you seeing?

(Also, what edition and version of DEVONthink do you have?)

Let me try this again a few times and see if there was something wrong in the original way I tried it. Thanks for the response!

Where did you drop the files? Do you use any third-party software, e.g. PathFinder instead of the Finder?

Files dragged from DEVONthink to PathFinder are copied to the file system as with Finder.