Dragging Import & Titling

Two questions:

Is there a way to import-drag a file into a specific spot in my database? As far as I know, I have to drag it into a group, wait for import to finish, then drag it to the spot in that group where I want it. This seems unecessary.

Second, the title of every document in my DB (in the title bar) seems to be taken from the first top-level group. But I have other top-level groups. What’s going on there?

That’s not possible right now.

The title of main windows displays the name of the group currently shown in the window or the name of the database if it’s the top level group. After selecting a document, the name of the document should be appended to the window title (e.g. “Science - My Document”).

That’s what I would expect. Unfortunately, that’s not what I see.

My first top-level group is “Old Testament”. Below this, as a separate top-level group is “New Testament”.

A file called Intro to 1Cor in the 1Corinthians group in New Testament has a title bar that says "Old Testament - “Intro to 1Cor”.

The obvious question is whether New Testament is really a top-level group.

The answer is yes. Is this a known bug?