Dragging jpg images from firefox to DT saves as tiff

Seems to be something specific to firefox. if i click and drag a jpg image from FF to the DT inbox, DT saves it to the database as a much larger tiff file. if I drag to a group, it saves it as a bookmark (annoying).

if i do the same thing from Safari, it works perfectly - saves as a jpg.

anyone else run across this? at the moment i’m having to manually save the image as a jpg, then drag the saved image to DT, which is a right pain.



The next maintenance release will improve the compatibility to Firefox.

Is that due soon?

I’ve noticed it is possible to drop the webpage onto devonthink, then rightclick on the image and choose ‘capture image’ to save the jpg, then delete the webpage.


Any news on when this will be fixed? I’m experiencing the same issues with DEVONthink Pro 2.8.4 and Firefox 37.0.1 and having to save the files to disk to then import them is rather annoying.