Dragging new items to the menu bar icon

Howdie. I wanted to send some files to DT3 and I thought I could drag and drop on the menu bar icon, however when I do this nothing happens. The menu bar actually does not even reveal itself. Not sure if this is a Mac setting or a bug in DT3.

When you drag files to the menu bar, does the cursor hover over the Sorter icon? See the example video below:

No. The menu bar never reveals itself. I wonder if it’s a setting on the Mac? My menu bar is hidden until the cursor moves near it, but it won’t reveal itself when I try to drag a file to the sorter icon for DT. Frustrating. Any ideas how to check if it is a Mac setting. I went into system settings and could not see where that setting may be. At least not obviously anyway

In the DEVONthink 3->Preferences menu under the Sorter tab, try changing the appearance to “Show as Dock Tab”. Can you drag files to the tab? If yes, try changing back to “Show as Menu Extra”

The behavior when dragging a file to the menu bar while it’s hidden is controlled by the OS and the setting for hiding the menu bar is here…

Thanks @BLUEFROG that did the trick. Works as expected now.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: