Dragging out of DEVONthink (& search widget)

(I apologize if this is already implemented, but I tried the usual modifiers and it did not work …)

It’d be great if I could drag links to documents out of DEVONthink, rather than a copy of the file itself.

Also, the ability to drag files/links out of the search widget would be nice.

Play with this:

Select a document in your DEVONthink 2 database. Choose Edit > Copy Item Link.

Paste the Item Link into a TextEdit document. What happens when you click on the link?

Read about Item Links in online Help and/or the User Documentation.

Ah, I should have been more precise.

I am away of the “Get Link” in the menu - but that involves more mouse clicks! I was suggesting the ability to drag a document out as a link simply as a simplification. Drag’n drop, but with links. After all, there is also multiple ways to get a document out of DEVONthink (drag it, use export, …).


I agree with being able to drag file off of Dt and onto the desktop. Its intuitive to all Mac users to be able to do this.

I wanted one page from a pdf in Dt and should be able to grab the thumbnail and slide it off the side and onto the desktop.